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PVS determine correct MTU size

Björn Schläfli


I've set 9014 in pvs console for mtu, same as for the network cards of my pvs servers and target devices. After that I've strange issues like Citrix EUEM service not starting, cpmon.dll crashing and client printers are not able to map into user sessions. It's ok if 1506 is set in pvs.

mtupath shows me the best mss is 8972.

ping -l -f shows 8972 is ok.


What is the correct configuration for pvs console -> server -> advanced -> network tab -> MTU size?


Thank you.

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                    ® Set proper MTU
                        ◊ In a Command Prompt, type “ping ServerName -f –l 1500” and press Enter. Note if packets are being fragmented.
                        ◊ In a Command Prompt, type “ping ServerName -f –l 1472” and press Enter. Note if packets are being fragmented.
                        ◊ Assuming packets of 1500 bytes are being fragmented and 1472 are not, edit the properties of each PVS server, Advanced, Network, Ethernet maximum transmission unit (MTU) (bytes) to 1472. This will require a restart of the Stream Service to take effect.


This was from a Citrix Education course I had taken a few years ago.

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