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Provisioned VM Intermittent BSOD 07B at Power On

Darryl Sakach


Over the past month we have had a few XenApp provisioned VMs crash at power on. It has been one or two at each of our weekly Restart Schedules.


The VMs Guest OS is successfully Shutdown by Citrix. Citrix then issues a Power On through vCenter, vCenter powers on the VM, but it crashes shortly after the initial power on. Unfortunately we have been unable to get a crash dump as Citrix recovers from this by powering off the VM after it fails to respond for 20 minutes.


I was able to identify the BSOD stop code from the vmware.log stored with the VM. In all cases it was a 07B which is an ‘Inaccessible_Boot_Device’.


We are able to manually power on the VMs to recover from the crash without any other action being required. We simply power on the VM and it starts without issue.


We use a BDM Hard Disk boot device for these provisioned VMs.


We have 18 provisioned VMs restarting each week. They all work in the same way, but for some reason one random server seems to fail to power on with this stop code.


VMWare 6.7


PVS (LTSR 1912)

Server 2019

App Layering 20.11

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