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One-arm vs Two-arm and DMZ's

Simon Smith

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Scenario:  2 DataCentre's, CVAD 7.x and VPX appliances in both

Intention: To provide Citrix gateway and load balancing citrix services (storefront and XML)

Question: Are only 2 VPX instances (1 in each DC) running in 2 arm mode secure? or should i be running 2 VPX instances in the DMZ for gateway and 2 for internal load balancing? whats best practice? I've seen it done both ways but if we can use only 2 VPX's and use for external gateway and provide load balancing for internal clients that we'd go with that option. 



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If you connect your ADC to two different security zones, then traffic can enter in one zone and exit in a different zone, thus bypassing a firewall. More specifically, traffic enters a DMZ VIP and exits an internal SNIP thus bypassing the DMZ-to-internal firewall. I always recommend separate appliances for DMZ and Internal.

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