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WEM 19.12 : Ini file modification execution order

Laurent PLGY



I'm using WEM to modify an ini file in user's redirected folders, using  dynamic tokens to select the appropriate value. It works fine.

In some cases, I need to apply an extra modification to overwrite the first value. It works too, but not in the expected order... It applies first and is overwrited by the initial value.


For the ini file action, there is no checkbox to choose the "execution order" option, as we can find in "file system operation" for exemple. Is there a way to force this execution order for ini files modifications ?


Thanks in advance,


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I finaly found myself the solution.

The ini file extra modification is assigned to a different AD group as the first ini file operation. So, there is necessary to modify the priority of this group in "Active Directory Objects" Tab with higher priority (higher number) applied to the group in order to "win" this conflict.

Hope it helps someone.


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