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Split Tunnel Default Route Metric

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We have recently been experiencing name resolution issues with our split tunnel vpns  on NS12.1.61.18. A look at the routing table on the windows clients reveals that the NS vpn Tunnel endpoint is assigned as the default route with metric of 1 and the internet connection gets 25 as metric, 


I would appreciate it, if anyone could give some hints as to why the NS tunnel endpoint is set as the default route on the machine.  Additionally I get the following errors for multiple routes in the Logs.


Error | CtxRoutes::DeleteSystemRouteFromArray .... Failed

Error | CtxRoutes::Set SystemRouteFromArray ....       Failed


Thank you.





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Can you reinstall the VPN plugin with admin rights as this seems an issue with the plugin or Windows computer?






You may also enable debug login on the plugin and check for issues:








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