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PVS 6.1 HA Not Taking Load

Joyce Jeng1709160760


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PVS 6.1 is end of life since 2015.

Ideally you would update your environment to supported versions of PVS (latest recommended would be 1912 CU2 or CR 2012).
Initial troubleshooting from a modern PVS environment would mostly match however:
1. Ensure vdisk load balancing is not set to single PVS server

2. Disable subnet affinity (or if it is enabled ensure you understand what situations it would be useful)

2.Check vdisk replication status, ensure both servers are listed and have vdisks/pvp files.

3. What is cache type set on vdisk, if it is not some type of cache on device, targets will only be able to stream from the PVS server they first stream from when booting. Subsequent boot it will be tied to which ever server it then booted from.
4. Skiprims might be something to check and enable on 6.1 environments, https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX200089 

But as mentioned above, short to medium term, updating PVS components to 1912 CU2 or CR 2012 should be planned as soon as possible.

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