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Using Citrix UPM paired with FSLogix


Is it possible to use Citrix UPM solution paired with MS FSLogix for ProfileContainer ?


Our environment:

Citrix 19.12 LTSR
Server 2019 as RDS
Citrix UPM
FSLogix for Outlook Cache


Background is, that we would like to use FSLogix for some folders in the roaming profile that will be bloated with a bunch of files

(like AppData\Roaming\Google and AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Crypto)


So I thought, that we redirect the folders with FSLogix to its containerfile (vhdx) and all others should be managed with Citrix UPM.

The redirection-XML looks like:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FrxProfileFolderRedirection ExcludeCommonFolders="255">
    <Excludes />


So before we go deeper in using both solutions together, I thought I will ask the community if it works at all ?


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No, unless you do something 'offline' UPM profiles are not migrated to FSLogix. A quick search online will return numerous user efforts at this. If you are changing OS versions at the same time it may be best for the users to get new profiles. I have found going from 2016 to 2019 some of the Start Menu behavior does not work well.


Streaming and mirroring are not necessary with FSLogix as the profile is mounted, appears as a local folder and is block-read. This provides much better performance than UPM Streaming.


I am not aware of a registry-key exclusion. You will have to evaluate why you exclude registry entries and weigh that against the other benefits.


So far my experience with UPM and FSLogix is that as similarly configured as they can be they are not much different in disk usage. There is long term disk management that could be done on FSLogix to limit the creep, but the faster logon times and session performance seem well worth it.


As you move to M365 you may also find significant reason to prefer FSLogix over UPM for overall Profile Mgmt. 

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Hello Darryl,


thank you for your reply. Yes, it is worth considering using FSLogix insteat of Citrix UPM. But is the existing profile migrated to FSLogix ?

Citrix UPM has some nice features like profile streaming and mirroring of some folders which growes very large (like %LocalAppdata%\Packages).

Also to exclude registry-keys is a nice feature that we use. Are these features included in FSLogix ?


Kind regards


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Ok, I will give it a try - but our users will be very disapointed with configuring their certificates again, also with personalized settings like google-chrome favorites and so on.

The reg-excludes are specific for AppV as described in a Citrix article.


We use the profiles since Server 2008 R2 until today with Server 2019. But new profiles make the logon process much quicker :-) 


Thank you so far. It's good to know that that we can't migrate the existing users profiles.

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