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Citrix Workspace freezing program

Patricia Otero


I'll try to give as much context as possible. My company uses Citrix to run a 3rd party software. For the last year-ish we've had users who will have their entire program freeze up on them. The steps we've taken to try and resolve it in the past were:


  • Have the user log off of the program and log back on.
  • Restart Citrix Workspace
  • Do a Reset Citrix Workspace


We've uninstalled + reinstalled Citrix before in the past (been a while since I've done this method), but eventually the issue would return. We have tried reinstalling both the latest version and an older version.


Try to let the user's original "bridge" that they create logging into the citrix web portal time out (sometimes waiting 30 minutes to multiple days). paymydoctor


Despite this, when the user tries to get back onto the 3rd party program, it would immediately return to the original freezing program. The only method we've found that would allow the user to get back onto the program with no issues was to use another Citrix login on the web portal using a different "bridge." Typically this would be mine since I only get onto the program the user's use for testing purposes, even then it is rare. The user would be prompted to log back into the program as if it was being launched for the first time again on the computer.


Does any of this sound familiar to anyone or have had a similar experience?


 I'll have to check some of these details you all are asking/suggesting tomorrow when I return to work. Greatly appreciate the suggestions so far!

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