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Install test Citrix environment in same domain as production?

Bill Clark1709159029


We currently have a Citrix XenApp 7.15 LTSR environment running production in our domain, running on VMware ESXi 6.5.  As we were planning an upgrade, lots of questions regarding compatibility with various 3rd party software and configurations have arisen and can't realistically be resolved without testing them in a new environment.  Can I setup a new Virtual Apps 7 1912 LTSR environment in our same domain and keep it completely separate from our production environment?  Do I simply follow the steps for installing it like it was new, and just use new servers and a different site name?  We use MCS for production, and would like to test that with the test environment also.  Any issues of the two systems attempting to cross-talk?  Any gotchas to this type of a setup?  

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Yes, you can have more than one site in a domain. It is upon you to ensure you do not configure them to talk with one another. For a full on prem config that would mean at a minumum separate Delivery Controllers and VDAs. You could configure these to your current StoreFront and Director if you wanted to depending on what you are looking at testing. I am not an MCS user so am not certain what would be required there, but at a minimum you would have to deal with how your MCS VDAs are configured to register with the correct Delivery Controllers.

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Brought everything up and it's mostly looking good as we are doing some testing.  One thing that I can't seem to get straightened out is in our test environment, I'm not seeing "Logon Performance" values at all.  Did some Googling and it was mentioned that Citrix Profile Manager is installed on the VDA, so I went back to the master image and made sure it was selected and installed, but I cannot see it running as a service.  I appear to be missing or overlooking something.


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