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Issue creating a OMA URI for Manage App shortcut in intune

mike amalu


Hello i am tasked with moving citrix  computer polices into intune I have successfully created a few of these polies from the citrix template ingested  but i am having really big issues with setting up the following policy  Manage App short cut   with i have attach the following polices




what i did i have the correct oma uri  for the manage app short cut  which is 



now i have tried to add the the others i tried  this way looking at the receiver admx file  value  i am having problems trying to understand how to interpret the  below  


<policy name="Policy_EnableAppShortCut" class="Machine" displayName="$(string.Policy_EnableAppShortCut)" explainText="$(string.Explain_EnableAppShortCut)" presentation="$(presentation.Policy_EnableAppShortCut)" key="SOFTWARE\Policies\Citrix\Dazzle">
      <parentCategory ref="SelfService" />
      <supportedOn ref="SUPPORTED_Platform" />
        <text id="Part_StartMenuDir_Text" valueName="StartMenuDir" />
        <text id="Part_DesktopDir_Text" valueName="DesktopDir" />
        <boolean id="Part_StartMenuShortcut_Disable" valueName="PutShortcutsInstartmenu">


which is the first of the start menu directory which has citrix i tried to use this string 

<enabled/><data id="Part_StartMenuDir_Text"value="citrix"/>


but i know its not right but there is no guide to string values how to interpret these into intune   please I'm desperate for any help to be able to  add all this to  intune 



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Hi Mike


i'm also trying to configure the Citrix Workspace App with Intune and Ingest the ADMX Templates. Where you able to configure it or not? I'm able to ingest both ADMX Files and  also configure a Store with this OMA-URI:




But the following setting isn't working:


OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/Citrix~Policy~ICAClient~SelfService/Policy_EnableAppShortCut

Value (String): <enabled/> <data id="Part_PutShortcutsOnDesktop" value="True"/><data id="Part_PutShortcutsInstartmenu" value="False"/>








Many thanks for your feedback


Best regards,


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