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Who controls encryption keys for Customer Data stored on Citrix Cloud servers?

Fred Carter


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TL;DR: Citrix controls the encryption keys by default. Even when Customer controls the keys, Citrix has full access to them and to the contents of all stored files.  


Answer from https://www.sharefile.com/resources/citrix-sharefile-security-and-compliance-frequently-asked-questions


"Your files and their content are protected at rest using an AES 256-bit encryption key and randomly generated per-file keys. ShareFile manages your encryption keys and maintains a key management policy and supporting procedures. Customers interested in generating and managing their own encryption keys may choose to store and encrypt their files on premises using Citrix Storage Zone Controllers.


Additionally, Citrix Managed Storage Zones also support Amazon Web Services Key Management Services (AWS KMS).

ShareFile storage zones gives your company’s IT department the flexibility to choose between Citrix-managed, secure cloud storage or IT-managed storage zones (on-premises) to store data within your own data center. Enterprise customers can create and manage on-premises storage zones as part of a ShareFile enterprise account."


More info re: "Customer Managed Encryption Keys for Cloud Storage"


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