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UPM - Profile Exclude Folders

Gary Sherry1709156958


I've recently had to add some additional Folder exclusions to the UPM GPO Configuration for \AppData\Roaming\DotNetBrowser so that any .DMP files aren't included and use up Local Disk Space on VDA's.
I've checked the PMLogs and can see the exclusions being detected and also there's nothing in the mirror folder configuration to counter-act this setup



But reading the Citrix the Document it suggests that the exclusions are processed at logoff and therefore don't increase the size of the Profile. 


I read this to mean that any \AppData\Roaming\DotNetBrowser\..\*.DMP Files that already existed in a Profile would continue to be downloaded as part of the profile, so if I want to reduce the Profile Size I will need to script the removal of the *.DMP files from users profile on the Central Store. 

Just wanted to check my understanding before spending time building scripts that I don't need to.






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