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MCS catalog update in Azure very slow



I have a quite diverse environment with machines hosted in VMware on-prem, some in AWS and now some more in Azure.   Most of the machines are MCS, and those hosted in AWS or our VMware environment can process machine catalog updates in about 20 minutes or so.   I am setting up some Win10 machines in Azure, and have noticed that MCS catalog updates take about 45 minutes to complete, and that's with only 2 VMs in it for testing.


I'm not sure if that is actually a problem, or if I've just been spoiled by having a VXRail HCI on-prem environment which is pretty darn fast.   Anyone with MCS catalogs hosted in Azure able to comment?

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I've done many many deployments in Azure - i will say that its not exactly fast on the provisioning side of things, but there are some improvements coming with shared image gallery and whatsuch


Its particularly slow if use VHD's rather than managed disks, and its gets amazingly slow if you go cross region :)


If you are coming from VXRail then yeah, its a shock to the system, i am building on Rail at the moment after being in azure for a long time, and i am amazed at how fast it is ;)

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