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XenApp 19.12 CU1 : Black screen when launching published apps

Laurent PLGY



I encounter a black screen issue when launching published apps. I found some topics about this issue in this board, but they don't match exactly with mine.

Issue appears at application opening, and if we drag the black window to the second monitor, the content is displayed (but with a blinking effect).


I have 3 images, 3 catalogs and 3 delivery groups. Same OS (W2K12R2), same VDA 19.12 CU1, same strategies applied. All is working fine with application published on the 2 first DG, but this black screen issue occurs on the last one. The only difference on this third catalogs besides to the VLAN used, who is different (more secured) as the 2 others one.

My first idea was that this issue was linked to the master image, so I duplicate a "clean" image and published it on the secure VLAN. Then, the black screen issue immediately appears.

If I try the opposite operation ("bad" image on the same VLAN as the 2 images without issue), the issue isn't present.

So, it appears that the problem is due to this VLAN usage.

There is a workaround with the "high dpi" configuration in the workspace, but it doesn't work at 100% and I would like to understand why this setting isn't mandatory for the others catalogs and DG.


On this secure VLAN, all ports are closed by default and we request the needeed ports when installing new applications on the image.

Other information, we were past year in 7.15 LTSR and were not impacted by this problem (same images). Issue appears when we upgraded the farm to 19.12 CU1 at the end of 2020. 

Does someone have an idea ?

Many thanks in advance,


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