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PVS Target Device wrong drive letters

Michael Erb


Hello together, I have an issue with the assignment of drive letters on my target devices.

Master Image is server 2019 with 2 drives attached:

1 disk with C: and D: partition

1 hard disk E: as cache drive.


Before running the imaging wizard everything is fine with the drive letter assignment. Private Mode is also fine and standard Mode also, as long as I am booting the master device. If I boot any target device the drive letters from D: and E: are switched. I already have set the drive ID with diskpart https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133476


Any ideas what is causing this issue?

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good afternoon,


i assume the cache file is then also put on the D: partition and not onto the attached cache drive.


Put a file called "{9E9023A4-7674-41be-8D71-B6C9158313EF}.VDESK.VOL.GUID"  in the root directory of the D: partition (not the cache drive)

and make sure the FS on the cache drive is NTFS.


check also the drive position in your Hypervisor. In VMWare i noticed that disk on SCSI0 apeared as e: drive where disks on SCSI1 apeared as C: drive.

This was becaus the adapter slot in VMWare had a higher PCI ID and the Windows OS does a different enumeration. ( afair the value is PCISlotNumber in the .vmx file)


kind regards




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