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ThinOS 8.6 & Virtual Apps 7 1912 LTSR

Bill Clark1709159029


We currently have a XenApp 7.15 LTSR environment and are planning an upgrade to Virtual Apps 7 1912 LTSR.  For the most part everything looks ok, but I have a question regarding our Wyse  terminals that make up the bulk of our connections.  We are running Wyse terminals with ThinOS v8.6_013 and Citrix Receiver 14.0.19071816 and are not experiencing any issues.   Does anyone have this version of ThinOS and Citrix Receiver working in their 1912 LTSR environment?  I've been looking for compatibility documentation but haven't found anything definitive.  I'd really, really hate to go through the upgrade process just to find out that these terminals won't connect afterwards.

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