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Citrix Desktop Service fails after large MS updates


Been dealing with this on and off for over a year and it's getting extremely frustrating.


When our VDI systems get a large MS Feature pack update where it takes over 20 min. to update, the system comes back without the Citrix Desktop Service running and they are Unregistered in Studio.  This of course keeps the users from being able to launch their VDI.  Sometimes the update applies in the middle of the night and since we don't watch them overnight, it's an early morning support call that user X can't get into their system.  We also have India DC users who log on at 1:30am EST and it's usually me who gets the email to fix it.  I'll reboot, the systems shows the finishing updates screen and then, after the reboot, it works.


Through testing, we've also found that remotely starting the service works and simply logging into the VM from the VMWare console will also fix the issues.  A support ticket with Citrix just has them pointing at Microsoft and Microsoft gave a convoluted solution about some Domain Controller update from Aug. 2020, but we've had the issue long before Aug. 2020 so we're stuck between a rock and an unregistered place.


The fixes are easy, but still manual.  We could probably whip up a PS script that we push to each VDI to make it look for the service being stopped and then restart it, but I want the actual fix, not a band-aid.  No amount of research has found anyone else with the same situation.  I completely removed our antivirus thinking it was perhaps that and that made no difference.  I'm starting to get to my wits end with this, hoping SOMEONE can help or point me in the right direction.


Any and all suggestions are welcome.


DDC = 7.15.3

VDA = 1912 LTSR CU1


Can repeat this by reverting  a test system back to before FP 2004 and letting it apply.  System event log shows:  The BrokerAgent service depends on the LanmanWorkstation service which failed to start because of the following error:   The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.  Event ID 7001.


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After Citrix pointed the finger at Microsoft, Microsoft handed it off to their contracted support.  After several weeks, we finally got a response telling us to make some obviously irrelevant fix to our Active Directory environment.  They would not help further until we made their recommended change, so we just implemented the "band-aid" and it's working quite well actually.


We have a PS script that looks for Unregistered systems.  When one is found, it alerts us, but also tells the "BrokerAgent" service to restart.  This has been successfully implemented with no more middle-of-the-night calls/emails since!


No thanks to Citrix or Microsoft.

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