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Custom language in Workspace?

Stian Kantebakke


I have added a custom language(no) to my storefront and it works fine when using a web-browser set up with that language. But the Workspace client still shows the default english, searching the web for anything related to this problem did not give any good answers.


Can the workspace client show custom languages added to the storefront? If yes what decide what language is shown(OS language is the same as my custom language on the test pc).

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The display language for the store is decided by the language of the client. Similar to how the language was decided for Workspace app for Web by the language of your browser, the language in which your store is displayed is decided by the Windows language on which your Workspace app for Windows is installed on. You can also find the list of supported languages for the Citrix Workspace app here - https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX119253.

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