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Microsoft teams screenshot black

sup kaur


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If Optimization is being used, this is expected behaviour.   With Optimization, when someone shares the desktop (or has their camera on) that section of the screen is processed on your endpoint  and then gets overlaid on top of your session by the Workspace app.   Consequently, when you take a screenshot within the session, it isn't able to see that part of the screen since it isn't really there - just being overlaid.


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On 5/3/2021 at 12:14 PM, Akshay Kotalwar said:

Is this ever going to change?

It's painful for the people from tech support not able to capture screens when troubleshooting. I come across few users already at Citrix complaining about this.

unlikely (although theoretically possible) - this is the nature of optimization / redirection. The window with the video/screenshare is not running on the VDA anymore.

This overlay window is instantiated by the client Workspace app, hence it runs on the endpoint itself.


You can't expect to be able to capture client-side screenshots from the VDA.

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