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Citrix Applayering: Can I clone a Platform Layer?

Mike Gallagher


Is it still true that you can't clone a Platform Layer? This is pretty frustrating, since I have to create and manage multiple Platform layers simply because the VDAs reside on different domains. This is especially an issue because VDA Agent software in place upgrades are so buggy that I've just resorted to creating new Platform Layers from scratch whenever a VDA Agent upgrade is required.


Are there any plans on enabling this in future releases?



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I dont think it would work correctly exactly because of the domain join which would be captured in the platform layer.


You could change your process and join the published image/master image to the domain after you publish it using scripting.  Basically create a domain join script that would join the domain and reboot. then shutdown at the end.  You can do the different steps using flag files.  Meaning if file not exits xyz then do this then add that file after you do that step.

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