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Disable "skip check" Dialogue box in 13.0 Netcaler version

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After upgrading the netscaler server gateway from 12.1 to NS13.0 67.43.nc, when connecting citrix plug in it shows additional option to "skip checkCapture123.thumb.PNG.f3f73abdaf917550aa4c3499b12c728b.PNG".

Need to disable the option. User inconvenience, where VPN fails to connect if user clicks on skip check.

How do we disable the "skip check" option in 13.0 version ? Is there a mitigation until a fix is released ?

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EDIT: Never mind; realized you were talking about the vpn client sign in (in client page and not the web page).

This is less likely to help.



You may have seen this already and since it's for 10-12.x, it might not apply to 13.0, but see if it helps.



If you can show which page/theme you are loading in the URL it might help with tweak recommendations:

Carl Stalhood's notes on key file locations may help with other gateway customizations. 




I don't have a system in front of me to mock up a possible change to the policy. So, this may help until someone else can help you.

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clarifying a mistake
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