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SD-WAN API's - How to display output from Postman/Insomnia is nice user friendly GUI?

Simon Cooper



I'm very new to this and as such forgive my dumb questions.

My task is, personal, I want to understand API's (specifically around SD-WAN) and first off provide a custom view of SD-WAN traffic flows.

I have installed Postman and Insomnia and have been playing with the some simple stuff and thanks to Shoaib I can now fairly confidently state that I can post and get data from my SD-WAN appliances.


So next stage, what do I do with this info?

I would ideally like to create a nice GUI that auto refreshes with current data.


I have looked a "Tableau" which displays the postman JSON output and allows me to modify the columns etc. but this static data and isn't quite what I was looking for, although I haven't played with it much.


my request is to all you guru's out there, what would you suggest I look at to build a decent GUI?

I'm old and I used to program a 1000 years ago, Basic, VAX VMS, Cobol (if anyone out there reading this remembers those lol ) but not done anything in an age but I am willing to learn.



I'm off to google stuff but any pointers would be nice




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