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Citrix SSO - Android Users are experiencing long delay to open each web page

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Citrix Gateway is configured to support full-vpn users that have iOS and Android devices.


iOS devices are working fine.


Android users complains about a long delay to open a new page. They establishes the VPN, open a web-browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) in his device and point to internal URL's.

Those URLs keeps loading for a long time.. in some cases, the user gets a timeout error. They try 2/3 times and after a long delay, it opens.


This behavior is just for Citrix SSO for Android devices. We tested in various different devices.


Follow my NetScaler session profiles:

add vpn sessionAction Android_CitrixSSO_profile -splitDns REMOTE -splitTunnel OFF -localLanAccess ON -transparentInterception ON -defaultAuthorizationAction ALLOW -SSO ON -icaProxy OFF -clientlessVpnMode DISABLED -iconWithReceiver ON

add vpn sessionPolicy Android_CitrixSSO_pol "HTTP.REQ.HEADER(\"User-Agent\").CONTAINS(\"CitrixReceiver/CitrixVPN\")" Android_CitrixSSO_profile


Is there any other parameter that should be enabled in the profile for Android devices?


Thank you in advance!


Alessandro Marques.

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