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DiskPartitionTool.py broken on ADM v13.0-76.29 - Can not add extra disk

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On ADM v13.0-76.29 running on ESXi 6.7 the partition tool does not work. Neither in production environment or in the testlab.

We originally installed version 13.0-71-40 and then upgraded it to version 13.0-76.29.

I have installed ADM many times in the Testlab, with the same result. DiskPartitionTool.py does not work.


Error message:
bash-3.2# /mps/DiskPartitionTool.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/mps/DiskPartitionTool.py", line 63, in <module>
    DiskPartitionSummary = collections.namedtuple('DiskPartitionSummary', ['disk', 'scheme', 'size', 'blocks', 'infostr'], verbose=False, rename=False)
TypeError: namedtuple() got an unexpected keyword argument 'verbose'


I had to go down to ADM v13.0-67.39 to find a working DiskPartitionTool.py.

Downgrading the ADM in production is not supported and I need to add an extra disk.


Anyone had the same problem and found a soluttion?:



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