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FAS Server event ID 123/124

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We have a FAS setup in the environment and users from the same domain as the FAS server are able to login and launch apps.


In our trusted domain the users, get authenticated, apps enumarate but cannot launch apps "request cannot be completed"


In FAS Event logs I see below:

[S124] Failed to issue a certificate for [upn: test_user@test.net role: Default] at [certifcate authority: testserver.net\test] [exception: MicrosoftCertificateAuthority::SubmitCertificateRequest - the CA returned CR_DISP_DENIED (code 2)]. [correlation: abfe30b9-7438-4eab-866e-ab8690fc6766]


[S123] Failed to issue a certificate for [upn: test_user@test.net role: Default] [exception: The CSR failed at all configured certificate authorities] [correlation: abfe30b9-7438-4eab-866e-ab8690fc6766]


Steps been done: Domain users for both domains added in FAS rule. All CTX Servers added in trusted domain AD in "windows authorization group".  Cert

Called CTX support they mentioned this is a cert/pki issue. 


Has anyone come across this and found a fix?

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