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AMD Epyc - best practices

Marcin Pierzchala



Do you guys have any best practices\tuning recommendations for VDI or Hypervisor running on Epyc platform?

We have a machine with 2x Epyc 7502 and the performance\user density is on par with 2x Xeon 6248 which is kind of a unexpected surprise (VDI running Win10).

Currently we're running default XS setup without any optimizations and I am wondering if there is anything which may improve the performance.


Any help appreciated!

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Depends I would say on what Zen version the Epyc CPUs have , as some have just 4 cores per CPU engine, some have eight, some more. I just checked and your particular model appears to have 32. You should pay attention to NUMA/vNUMA depending then on how many VCPUs you assign to your VMs. It's best to not cross NUMA boundaries for cores nor for memory allocation.  https://www.techpowerup.com/cpu-specs/epyc-7502.c2250



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