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Detect Citrix Workspace version, prompt to upgrade.


Good day.

We were asked if there was a way to validate the current version of Citrix Workspace that connects to our infrastructure, and if it is outdated (or older than a specified version) to prompt to update/install.  The goal is to try to ensure our users have a good user experience with Teams, and a certain version of workspace is needed to get the best experience.

We have a mix of corporate client, and employees who connect to our infrastructure.  The employees connect from home with either home computers, or work computers.

We have no control over the corporate client computers.

There is the option in the Storefront named Upgrade plug-in at logon in the Receiver for Web Sites option, but we have that configured and it doesn't seem to work all the time.

We can use our Citrix ADC to evaluate the version of the Workspace client (through EPA rules) but that would block the user from entering our infrastructure.  We only want to warn them that they have to update the client if it is outdated.

For employees, we can push through SCCM the Workspace client we want, but we won't be able to do it for their home computers.
Anyone ever had this use case scenario?  Are we stuck with sending emails outlining how to update the client?

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