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My ELM keeps getting stuck at "converting disk contents into a layer".

Roger Stuart1709157773


My ELM keeps getting stuck at "converting disk contents into a layer".  Rebooting it works for a short while (one or two packaging jobs) and then it happens again.  There's plenty of space under local storage.  Suggestions?


We have 6 ELMs in total but this only happens on the one that we consider our Primary.  We create all packages on it first and then export it to the others. 



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Do you get an error message or does the ELM stop responding?  Can you do other tasks on the ELM and have it work efficiently?


Is your version 20.1 or 20.11?  If it 20.1, I highly recommend upgrading to the latest version -  21.02


Ultimately we'll need to look at logs, so I'd open a Support case for us to take a peak.



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