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Upgrade issue with my new SDX 8900

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Hi all,

Just received 4 brand new SDX 8900 to migration my old MPX 8005.


I configure the LOM & Management address to match my subnet management IP.


I'm connected to GUI, version is 11.0-72.16, I try to add the licence but it doesn't work... probably because of the build, so I decided to upgrade slowly to 11.1

I downloaded build-sdx-11.1-65.10.tgz and go back to my GUI, system, upgrade appliance, choose my build and install.... 




However, after 10minutes I got this message and now I have lost access to my GUI and SSH... ping is working




Am I doing something wrong? What should I do now? factory Reset and start again?


Thank you for your help, I feel doomed



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