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NFS SR Creating disk takes extremely long time Xen server 7.6 /8.0

Uwe Faber



our Environmnet, Xen-Server 7.8 or 8.0, no difference the Problem ist the same


We have installed a new Huaweii ocean Storage NAS System and we provided a nfs share to use as SR on our Xen server pools.


The creation of the SR is without any problems, but when we create a VM on this  share,  for example we create a new VM form snapshot , the creation of the 80  GB Disk tajes nearly 20 Minutes.


Any idea for the reson ?

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One possibility is inadequate dom0 memory allocation. If you run utilities like top, xentop, and iostat you can monitor resource utilization on the host as well as with the latter utility, the I/O performance. Look for bottlenecks. You may need to increase dom0 resources and/or do some tuning on the NFS mount (check the rsize and wsize parameter settings, if NFS3 or 4 is being used, etc.).



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thx Tobias, but this is not the reason, i try it on several server with 7.6  and 8.0 always the same behaviour


i try install a vm on ocean store, Disk creation nearly 20 minutes, on the same server on another SR (Synology Nas) , mounted with NFS  and the creation  within seconds.






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It definitely sounds like an issue with the OcenStore then. Creation of a new virtual disk on NFs should be practically instantaneous, taking 20 minutes is ridiculous and probably means there are lots of operations failing and being retried.


I'll ignore the fact that both XS 7.6 and CH 8.0 are long out of support as that isn't really relevant here.

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