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Logoff from Storefront (pass-trough from Citrix Gateway) doesn't clear the credentials

Manuel Maximo

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Geetings everybody,


I have this symptom / issue :

  • I logged into Storefront through Citrix Gateway
  • When I use log off from Storefront menu, I quit the dashboard as expected
  • But if use a bookmark to go the Citrix Gateway again, It doesn't prompt me for credentials and  dashboard is automatically loaded
  • Same if I close the tab
  • If I let Storefront log off automatically, it works as I would like, I need to use creds to access Storefront


I'm using :

  • CVAD 1012 CU2
  • Citrix ADC 12.1-60.19
  • The authentification is nFactor policy
    • 1st factor MFA
    • 2nd factor LDAP


I would like that the access in case of logoff manually can't be used by someone else (if public or shared PCs)


I've already opened a call to Citrix Support but so far they didn't find the issue


As anyone already had the issue or an idea ?


Thanks for the help

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