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PDF not opening in browser control, instead showing as pop-up windows to open file.

Basil Thomas


Hi fellow dev's,


I hosted my VB application in Win Server 2016, with Citrix image in it. The application has a provision to open up pdf files within the application grid itself were browser control is embedded, and while clicking on the pdf file, it is supposed to open up within the embedded grid itself, but now after migrating to Win server 2016 and while trying to open the pdf, it is showing as a pop-up with options either to Save or View from it, which ultimately opens pdf in the default pdf viewer. 

If the same application is run outside Citrix environment, the pdf opens in embedded browser control grid itself.

Before server migration the application was running in Win server 2008 with citrix image in it, and there the pdf was opening in embedded browser itself.


So, my doubt is, is this behavior happening because of any additional security set in citrix image or am I missing anything else.


Any help on this is much appreciated :) 

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On 3/10/2021 at 7:04 PM, Manoj Rana said:


Can you check the if you Adobe PDF browser add-on for IE ?

You can check this link below Here





Thanks Manoj for this solution. But in my case, issue happens for whatever the default pdf application is. I made CutePDF the default application to load pdf, and externally the pdf is loading fine.

My issue here is, in my VB application, I have an  embedded web browser control, where the PDF should load up, upon choosing from the list of PDF's provided, instead it is showing up as a download window, stating either to Open or Save the file. I strongly believe it has something to do with some citrix setting, but could figure it out.

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