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VDA Install Breaks Application


We have a single vendor application installed on fresh Server 2019 VMware build with all current Windows Updates.  The vendor application works as it should before the VDA install.  After we perform the 1912 CU2 VDA install the application will no longer launch on the golden image server and there is a single event in the event log. The event is event id 1000 in the Application log and refers to the application as the faulting application with ucrtbase.dll as the faulting module.  The exception code is 0xc0000409.  If we uninstall just the VDA the application again launches.  


We have tried a number of other approaches including installing the VDA first and older versions of the VDA (1912 CU1 and 7.15 CU1) but always end up in the same place.  Other applications, when installed, work fine.  Has anyone else had this issue and found a resolution.

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Thanks to Kasper and James for their responses.  I did try excluding the API hooks as recommended by Kasper with no success.  We did find a user with a similar problem on the application vendor user forum.  While they did not post a solution they indicated they found one.  We tracked them down and were able to ask them about the issue and they were kind enough to provide a complete solution.  The application was crashing because it was trying to interface with the wfapi.dll with incorrect parameters.  Using FSLogix to hide the wfapi.dll and wfapi64.dll resolved the issue.  I would credit them by name but don't know if that is okay.

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