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SSLVPN Message/Error

Jon Beach

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After migrating our netscalers over from Hyper-V to VMware ESXI, we started seeing these messages:





It doesn't seem to be causing any issues at all but I am curious if anyone knows what these might mean? And how I can get them to stop?



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There is an issue with the appflow integration for the gateway insight (vpn insight).

Possibly caused during migration due to a change in network (either not being able to reach ADM for reporting) or the VM looking "different" to ADM after migration due to change in hypervisor.


You might try undoing and reconfiguring the appflow policy for gateway insight in ADM and see if that resolves the problem.

Then double check the gateway networking can reach the ADM (might be an ACL or firewall rule based on mac addresses that might have changed after migration.)


If not, you might have to unmanage and then rediscover the adm  first. Or you could check with support first if the above doesn't resolve the problem.

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