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Xen Server 7.1 ,increasing SR space.

Marco Magliulo


Hi all,

I have a pool of three Server, (7.1 lts) and attached to them I have an external iSCSI storage. Now the Xen reach almost the max of this capacity. 

Then I resized the volume, allocating more space, but now the XenCenter display still the old capacity. How I can refresh?


Thanks a lot in advance.




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Hi Marco & welcome to the forums!

Usually - and as Tobias I assume that you are looking at LVMoISCSI - a simple 'rescan' of the SR is sufficient to show the new size.


Otherwise there's another way to do it without having to go 'offline':

Online Resizing:

1. Identify the SR Universally Unique Identifier (UUID).
> xe sr-list type=lvmoiscsi name-label=<Name of your SR> --minimal

2. Identify the device this SR is using:
> pvs | grep <UUID from step 1>

3. Identify the iSCSI target name to rescan:
> xe pbd-param-get uuid=$(xe pbd-list sr-uuid=<UUID from step 1> --minimal) param-name=device-config param-key=targetIQN

4. Extract the content of the image
> iscsiadm -m node --targetname <targetIQN from step 3> -R

5. Update the Physical Volume size:
> pvresize /dev/<device from step 2>

6. Update the SR size:
> xe sr-scan uuid=<UUID from step 1>


BfN, Konrad

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