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VPN PlugIn hide 2nd password box

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I'm having the same issue as quoted in this forum post: here


I have MFA with an on-prem NPS server and Azure extension to provide MFA through Azure. On the browser gateway, i have rewrite policies to hide the 2nd password box and push notifications work fine.


However, the VPN plugin still shows 2 auth boxes. Any chance anyone knows if there is availability to remove this? ADC version is 13.0





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On 3/9/2021 at 5:33 PM, Stuart Griffiths1709161866 said:


Not quite your issue, but I had a problem with browser vs plug-in functionality and SAML/Azure authentication.  Resolved by using nFactor instead of Basic Authentication.

That being said, I've seen a few articles describing different methods of hiding the second factor - can you share your rewrite policies?



I ran through the step detailed here


I did try to set this up through nFactor, however i couldn't get the login schema files to correctly pass through the required fields to the authentication point. I perhaps need some time to look at this in a lab, but in the days when everyone wants remote access, it's a busy year

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The main problem is that the VPN Plugin is a stand-alone app, so uses the logic it has built in. So if the Netscaler says "we're using 2FA", then it's going to display that 2nd password box, end of story. It's been like this for as long as I know. 


(It's not like when you log in via the web page, where the displayed page is generated on netscaler, so you can use a rewrite to delete that bit of code to stop it being displayed....)

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