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Capture output from a netscaler command

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I am looking for a way to capture the output from a netscaler command. For instance, we use RISE and I would like to use ADM to capture the auto PBR info on a daily basis. The command is: "show rise apbrsvc" . I've setup a custom command to issue the command successfully, but have been unable to find the output from the command. Does ADM store the output in a log somewhere? 


Thanks in advance.. 


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All commands are audited.

You can then see all command executions in syslog local to the ADC and if external syslogging is enabled in your external syslog server.  ADM can also be enabled as an external syslog server..


Local syslog:


cd /var/log

tail ns.log


tail -f ns.log # see current output as it occurs.


To filter specifically to audited commands and not other events:

tail -f /var/log/ns.log | grep CMD_EXECUTED

more /var/log/ns.log | grep CMD_EXECUTED


Default logging level may affect what is included/excluded from logs



External syslog destinations are configured by creating and binding syslog policies  to the global system object (System > Audting > Syslog Policies)

A ADC can log to multiple syslog servers by having multiple policies bound.

To log to ADM you can use the enable syslog task in the ADM console and configure the ADM as a log destination; the adm task just adds itself as a syslog policy.



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