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New HP Laptops Probook 450 G8 wont run properly Citrix Workspace

Gaeumltan Piette


Hi all,


I'm currently facing an issue with HP Laptops Probook 450 G8 device and Citrix Workspace application (2102).

I've the problem on all 5 new laptops. (On the HP Probook 450 G7 i never had any problem and i've more than 40 from this model)


The problem is that when starting Citrix, window application open and is blank, can't see the GUI of the Citrix Workspace, just a blan windows.

If i move my mouse over the blank sometime a text appear uper like "favourites".

if i move the windows nothing happen BUT if i resize the windows everything appear again and i can see Citrix Workspace normaly.

The problem is when i click somewhere, the app hang again and the window is freezed until i resize it again.

It seems like a refresh GUI windows problem.


What i already tried

- Using HP default Winfows 10 20H2 installation (with HP tool) = same bug

- Using a fresh install from Windows 10 20H2 ISO file (without any softwares) = same bug

- Updating Bios firmware = same bug

- Updating Drivers to last versions (Graphical and all others) = same bug

- Testing with an older version of Citrix Workspace = same bug

- Testing different settings in Citrix Workspace advanced settings = same bug

- Testing out of Docking Thunderbolt HP system = same bug

- Changing minitor refresh rate and frequency = same bug

- Changing resolution = same bug

- Updating Visual C++ Redistribuable 64x = same bug


There is no problem with any other applications.


Do you have another idea ?

I'll open a case on HP side too maybe ?


Thank you


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Here is the Fix :


Steps to fix:

1.      Exit from the workspace

2.      Set the below registry on Client with CWA 2103


Name: DisableHWAcceleration

Type: DWORD Value: 1 

3.      Launch the Workspace App


Please note that this issue is reposted as compatibility issue and we have internal ticket open for the same. As per which the fix will be available in next release of CWA.

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