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How to query Citrix Policy Values

John Provost1709162398


Hello, I manage an environement with over 100 Citrix Policies, most of them for defining Session Printers.  having so many policies becomes a bit unwieldy and I need to be able to quickly query the list to find printers.  Using Powershell, I;ve gotten this far....


#Load the important citrix bits

Add-PSSnapin citrix*
Remove-module Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands
Import-module 'C:\Program Files\CITRIX\Telemetry Service\TelemetryModule\Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands.psm1'
New-psdrive -name LocalFarmGpo -psprovider CitrixGroupPolicy -controller localhost \



Get-CtxGroupPolicy $gp[10]|Get-CtxGroupPolicyConfiguration|select DefaultClientPrinter, SessionPrinters|fl


The OutPut looks like this

PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-CtxGroupPolicy $gp[10]|Get-CtxGroupPolicyConfiguration|select DefaultClientPrinter, SessionPrinters|fl

DefaultClientPrinter : @{State=Enabled; Value=; Path=ICA\Printing\DefaultClientPrinter}
SessionPrinters      : @{State=Enabled; Values=System.Object[]; Path=ICA\Printing\SessionPrinters}

The Value returned is System.Object[] for the SessionPrinters.  


How can I have the actual printer names returned as configured in the policy?  ie \\server\printername






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