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MPX IC allocated memory

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Petr, are you referring to trying to reduce memory allocated to the cache feature AFTER it was enabled to give more memory to other features?

Just so you don't have to wait, I'll note it below...but if that was not what you were asking disregard this and we'll try to answer the right question.


To reduce RAM allocation to IC (from a previous higher ram allocation):

If so, then there is a procedure to reduce allocated memory for IC after it is in use. 

Basically, you can't just decrease the RAM once its in use (objects stored in cache), so the trick is to stop using the feature, clear up the cache, and then reduce.

1) disable ns feature IC

2) flush the existing cache (easiest in GUI>  Optimizations > Integrated Caching (right pane) > View Cache Objects and flush all cache.

3) save ns config (to remmeber IC is disabled and then reboot); you won't be able to reduce the memory allocated until cache is empty and no longer in use.

4) After reboot, keep IC disabled and then reduce the memory to the desired level.

5) save ns config and reboot again to change the ram allocation

6)  reenable feature if continuing to use IC and save ns config


You might get to skip the reboot at step 3 (but usually have to reboot first, before shrinking ram) The next reboot at step 4 is required so IC uses the NEW ram allocation.


FYI: The total amount of memory that can be used by IC is variable (depending on the total RAM allocation of the appliance wether MPX or VPX; its not always that straightforward, but that's why the system tells you how much you can allocate as MAX IC, though you can go with less.)

Short answer: ram for caching usually** maxes out at 50% of total available RAM (except when the answer is different than that).  Doesn't mean you need that much.

  • For small 59xx and VPX's with less than 4 GB RAM total, the max cache allocation is usually less (500 MB for the vpx and other scenarios may vary)
  • Some of the largest MPX appliances or Instances on SDX with high RAM totals, may actually allow more than 50% allocation for caching (again, doesn't mean you need it) but that is ram not available to other features.
  • This is why usually I just let the system tell me what the MAX RAM allocation can be.  And easier to start small and scale up then try to reduce.  (Any change in ram allocation to cache, requires a reboot to go into effect.)  But increasing ram can be done by updating change, save, and reboot. Whereas reductions requires that ram to be released before shrinking...
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