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Convert reqrep on Haproxy to Citrix ADC

Hoang Hung

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Looks like you need to change a requestion to a new port or a new path?

If you can give an exmaple of the original request and what this rule changes it into, we can assist with the conversion.


If its a PORT change, then this is a combination of load balancing on original and new port and redirect policy in most cases.
OR it will be handled with a REWRITE if the client to lb vserver doesn't change and only the ADC to server (backend) changes.  


If it is a PATH change, then again, still either RESPONDER if user should see the redirect and make a connection to new location OR a REWRITE if it will be done on backend.


With a before and after example and clarification of whether user should be redirected or not we can show you responder or rewrite solutions.

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