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Director: Cannot retrieve the data



HI guys,


Need some help.


We had some problems with Monitoring database se we  did restore.

After that citrix director is have problems with statistical data.

"Cannot retrieve the data. View Director server event logs for further information." Refer Citrix KB article CTX130320




Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 LTSR CU1


We tryed this but didn't help:



Any suggestion ?


Thank you


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Hi Vedran,


Can you test the new database connection strings and verify all okay ?


asnp citrix.*

$ServerName = "<dbserver>"
$SiteDBName = "<SiteDbName>"
$LogDBName = "<LoggingDbName>"
$MonitorDBName = "<MonitorDbName>"
$csSite = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$SiteDBName;Integrated Security=True"
$csLogging = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$LogDBName;Integrated Security=True"
$csMonitoring = "Server=$ServerName;Initial Catalog=$MonitorDBName;Integrated Security=True"

Test-AcctDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-AdminDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-AnalyticsDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite   # for 7.6 and newer
Test-AppLibDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite      # for 7.8 and newer
Test-BrokerDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-ConfigDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-EnvTestDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-HypDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-LogDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-LogDBConnection -DataStore Logging -DBConnection $csLogging
Test-MonitorDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-MonitorDBConnection -Datastore Monitor -DBConnection $csMonitoring
Test-OrchDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite       # for 7.11 and newer
Test-ProvDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-SfDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite
Test-TrustDBConnection -DBConnection $csSite      # for 7.11 and newer






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Yes, i tried and here are results for monitoring database, which we are having problems with:



Status is same for all other tests (I checked also from secundary delivery controller)


I see on SQL manager that Monitoring DB is not synced:



As I said, problem started when we did restore of Monitoring DB.

Last backup was a year ago (please don't ask me why :) , I'm not responsible for backup)

Of course, after that situation backups are done on regulary basis


Thank you in advance

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Yeah, here are screenshots.

You can see permisions for both delivery controllers:





But I just remembered something...

At first site was 1912 LTSR, and after that wi upgraded it do 1912 LTSR CU1.

And it is working on CU1 for at least 7-8 months.


Monitoring DB backup was from state when site was 1912 LTSR without CU1.

And now this backup is restored.


Maybe there is some mismatch beetwen these two versions ?

Is it maybe easier to create new Monitoring DB and then change connection stings from both delivery controllers ?

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Update :)


After my DB admin successfully solved problem with Monitoring database sync



Director started to work.

But.... Sessions are connected:

for example, in Studio I see



But Director is showing: 0 session connected



Little bit confusing :)


Any clue ?


Thank you.


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