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How to attach large SATA HDDs to VMs like an external USB drive (passthough)?

Russell Salerno


Is it possible to attach large (14TB) SATA drives as raw storage to guest similar to an external USB drive?  I have an Ubuntu guest that I've attached a 16GB USB drive for backup, easy enough.  I also have a pair of 14TB SATA drives I want to use as data storage for the VM (preferably in a RAID1 configuration).   This is all local storage on a single server free edition and way past the 2TB VDI limit.    Is there a way in Xenserver to pass through big SATA drives to a guest?  


EDIT: Is there any reason not to install the drive using a SATA-to-USB cable?  Or going one step further, is there a way to emulate a USB drive in software e.g. present the SATA drive to Hypervisor as a USB device?

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