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CNAME and GSLB question, multiple zones/domains go to same backend web server.

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Dear Community,

I need some DNS/GSLB assistance. Right now we use Cloudflare for our external DNS for our main domain (we will call it domain1.com). So any request for www.domain1.com will get responded to by Cloudflare for resolution (using an "A" record). However, we do have several services that we use GSLB for. In these cases we use a subdomain called gslb.domain1.com with CNAME records in Cloudflare pointing any request for that service to the Netscalers for resolution (where the GSLB service is authoritative for gslb.domain1.com). So for instance if someone was looking for service.domain1.com and that service is Globally Load Balanced via GSLB, Cloudflare would have a CNAME record for that service that points all requests for service.domain1.com to service.gslb.domain1.com, where the client would get one of two public IP addresses provided by the ADNS service on the Netscalers. The Netscalers currently only have the one zone defined (gslb.domain1.com).


With that background being provided, here is what I would like to accomplish. I would like requests for the following domains to all be pointed to the SAME GSLB service as the one GSLB service maps to backend servers that hold the content for all the domains:


i.domain2.com-> images.gslb.domain1.com




Is this possible via CNAME in DNS? Or will I have to set up different zones in the Netscaler for each domain (gslb.domain2, gslb.domain3 etc)?


Thank you. 

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