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The best solution to run big applications.

XenServer Boy



I want to find a good solution to run some big and heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop and etc on the normal clients in a local network. Consider 100 clients in a local network that want to work with some applications like Adobe Photoshop, but their systems are not so powerful and I want them to connect to a server (or some servers) that running Adobe Photoshop and clients work with it and their requests processing by the servers.

Can Citrix help me?


Thank you.


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There are a lot of reasons to use XenDesktop / CVAD. 
Central (Patch)management
Central configuration
flexible access
external access
security reasons

The list is very long.


But you have to consider as well: 
You need administrators to manage the stuff. 
To provide graphic intensive application is not an easy task and depends on a lot of things (HDX settings, graphic card virtualization, right-sizing,...). 

And a big factor.. the costs. You need to buy a bunch of licenses (Microsoft rds, Citrix itself, maybe Nvidia licenses for the graphic cards) - and the question is for what?

If your use case is only to provide a possibility for 100 users to use things like photoshop - a decent workstation is everything you need. It is possible to provide Photoshop with Citrix CVAD - usually you would have more/specific requirements .. and only then I would consider a solution with Citrix. 


You or the administrators in your organization know how to handle windows clients. You must not learn about a completely new world. You don't have to worry about latency, network protocols, ... because it's local. 


In the end, it all depends on your specific requirements... and I'm a fan of simple solutions. I hope it makes somehow sense :-) 

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