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Emergency Grace Period Every 5 Minutes

Corey Tracey1709151188


Upgraded license server to 11.6.6 build 33000 and our 7.15 and 1912 sites (studio, pvs) reports connectivity errors every 5 minutes.


Existing 2012 server with build 30000 against 7.15/1912 does not have the issue.  


New 2019 server with builds 32000 or 3000 have these symptoms.  


11:50:47 AM The Citrix Broker Service cannot contact the license server 'ctxlicvad.ourdomain.org'. 
11:50:47 AM Please ensure that the license server is functioning correctly and that the details identifying the license server are correct in the XenDesktop configuration.


11:50:47 AM This controller has entered an emergency licensing grace period because it could not contact the license server 'ctxlicvad.ourdomain.org'. 
11:50:47 AM You have 720 hour(s) remaining before this controller stops providing desktop and application sessions.


11:50:51 AM The Citrix Broker Service successfully contacted the license server 'ctxlicvad.ourdomain.org'.

11:50:51 AM The Citrix Broker Service is successfully communicating with the license server 'ctxlicvad.ourdomain.org'. This controller is no longer in an emergency licensing grace period.


Case with Citrix and the indicated this article, which basically says ignore it:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX226455


However, service desk and IS staff do not like these message as it could mask real issues.


Anyone else see this?

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