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HA Setup

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I am trying to setup HA for external facing citrix farm.

I have two network interface connected to Netscaler one for our internal network and other one for Internet facing network. On Primary netscaler there is dedicated IP Subnet for Internet.


So my question is does netscaler work in cluster way in the failover and do i have to assign different IP on secondary netscaler for Internet Internet.


This is on Primary Netscaler



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There are 3 (main) types of IPs on an ADC: NSIP (the IP of the box, tied to the box), the SNIP (the IP used for backend connections, floating, always active on the  active box) and VIPs (the IP for front-end connections, of virtual servers, floating, always active on the active server).


You can't set it different between these boxes. (there is INC mode, but i's not common)

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Only the NSIP address is unique per system (this is the primary management IP, should be on a backend or private network) . HA communication is nsip to nsip.

VIPs and SNIPs are shared in the HA configuration (unless INC mode is used, which typically is not).


The primary (active) ADC owns all the ip addresses; while the secondary (passive) member only takes ownership of its own NSIP.

When failover occurs, the shared SNIPs/VIPs are owned by the secondary.


Configuration in an HA pair is shared. changes you make to primary: snips/vips, vservers, policies, features, etc... are propagated/synchronized to secondary.


If you are doing clusters OR an ha pair with INC enabled (indepdent network config which allow the members of the ha pair to be in separate subnets and requires more settings to remain independent) have different considerations.

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