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Studio Reboot VDA after skipped Schedule because Host Connection lost at night.

Patrick Missun1709161272




i have a question. I think i already read something about that but i can't find anything related to it with google.


Today we had a big problem.

Tonight our Hypervisor Management Server breaks down and Citrix lost the Hypervisor connection (all Mashin on state "unknown".

As so far all Citrix System run good and people were working on work start this morning.


After an hour today morning my colleges were able to fix the Hypervisor Server and boot it up.

On the Citrix Studio the Mashin Status get an refresh an show the current state again (on or off etc)

But after some Minutes the first Citrix VDA started to suddenly reboot on they own.

The Hypervisor shows that the command was send by the Studio.


So bad happend people lost the current work... anyway my question:

Do the studio catch up missed Reboots when connection get lost and restored ?
If yes is there anyway to pretend that issue for next time ?


best regards


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I have seen this happen a couple of times. If the Delivery Controllers miss a reboot schedule because of a lost hosting connection, they will try to reboot VDAs once the hosting connection has been restored.

You should be able to get the status of any scheduled reboots with the Get-BrokerRebootCycle command, look at the state of the schedule. With the Stop-BrokerRebootCycle command you should be able to stop any running/missed reboot cycles.

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