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receiver misplaces mouseclicks if client has displays with different size

Andreas Goretzky


Hi, I am facing a strange problem where I believe that I am not the only who cares for a couple of users who face this problem. 


The server is Xenapp 1912 on Windows server 2019, access is configured through classical receiver, HTML5 is deactivated.

As Receiver versions we tried 4.9 and then upgraded to latest receiver (or what ever the name now is) but problem persists.


With my own system (2 screens with 1920x1200) I don't face any problems, but colleagues with two different screens. He is not the only one... but other people usually don't have to work remotely in that way, they acocmplish most tasks on their own end device and just upload and download work / result data.


What the user does

- user logs on with Windows credentials (domain\user, password)

- user can't click anything because when he moves the mouse over a clickable icon the click goes elsewhere.

Later we found out that the misplacement is about 150-200 pixels, e.g. when he launches the Remote Desktop app from Windows he has to move the mouse over the "no" button to click the "yes" button.

His config is something like 2560x1440 + 1920x1080


Are there any clean or dirty tricks?


Problem happens with two different Citrix server  where other users did not report any problems.


So we do assume that the problem is not on the server, it is most likely located on the client.

Some basic tasks we could accomplish when I shared my screen in Teams and let him use the RDP app (mstsc.exe) with his own credentials. In that case no problems... no mouse displacement.

However I don't have so many screens at home, there are only my two screens... 

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