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I can't find the load balancer of the 2 StoreFront

J Lo

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I've just picked up a new project that consists of 1 x NetScaler, 2 x StoreFront + Delivery Controller, and several XenApps. It is currently running smoothly.

I think the 2 StoreFront are in HA mode, because after the active one shutdown, the backup one takes over its place.

I thought it was controlled by the NetScaler, but I found that Load Balancing is not selected in Configure Basic Features. There must be something else controlling the HA or load balancing of the 2 StoreFront! Where it is?

Another interesting thing I've found is Windows Server of the 2 StoreFront have assigned 2 x IP address each. They configured as below:

  1. StoreFront-1: IP -, AlternativeIP -
  2. StoreFront-2: IP -, AlternativeIP -

Store URL is pointed to a link that mapped to in DNS.

One of my colleague told me that assigning two IP address to a computer like this is not gonna to work.  I wonder what is actually makes it works.

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It looks like your configuration is using Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB), where both StoreFront servers share an IP (, in addition to their individual IP addresses ( & So, Windows is doing the load balancing instead of the ADC (NetScaler).

One of the advantages of using the ADC for load balancing is that you can set up intelligent monitors, which can more accurately determine when StoreFront is not responding properly on one of the servers, and can route all traffic to the working server.

I would also suggest that you provision another ADC, because right now you have a single point of failure.

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Thanks Sam, NLB feature is enabled in the two StoreFront Windows Servers. I've learned new thing this time. Previously, I thought there must be a load balancer that uses to distribute traffic to the servers behind. I don't know the servers can act as the load balancer too and use to distribute traffic among themselves. 

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